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  1. ok....so it IS ok to use this bios still on a 3610qm cpu version??? I have that CPU and would love to try this bios update but I'm reading that if you ever pull off the battery AND unplug it you will be bricked??? Anyone have 100% info on this before I flash? I've running the latest dell a16 updated bios....downloaded the latest modded one here but scared to flash until I get confirmation on the 3610qm AND being able to remove the battery without bricking! Thanks,
  2. SVL7...you are just straight amazing. I'll shut up and put my money where my mouth is the next mod I use of yours. Thanks again for always helping out the community. Wrain
  3. Well, after spending hours trying to figure this out; I accept defeat. I have studied numerous posts, downloaded universal extractor, phoenix bios editor, and a slew of other programs I was instructed too. Tried numerous re-naming of the bios file(s) to wph, cap ect. Nothing seems to want to light up that USB stick slot. The ONLY thing I have not tried (which is because I am unable to extract the file) is to have an original dell bios file extract a 2mb FD file. Then supposedly RENAME this to what the bios editor says and load this up onto the USB stick. I'm at a loss and will be talking to Dell on monday. If ANYONE wants to take a shot at somehow extracting the FD file and having the correct name put on it for download I will happily oblige and try anything at this point. Bios file used was 940/1400 clocks video bios. 7720 3630qm version, windows 8 key problems are as follows: Will turn on, lights , keyboard everything comes on, but dead. No keyboard beeps, just sits there running. I AM able to hold the "end" key, plug in the A/C and it powers up with full fan speed; but again just sits there running. No display on LCD, no activity. When I put in the usb stick (take it out slightly) it DOES light up as if activity is there but again, no reading or anything as it just sits dead. At this point guys i'm a "free tester" guinea pig. If you want anything tried go for it, i'll try anything. and again, if anyone figures this out i'll throw a few bucks at ya. Sorry about all the posts, wanted to give a precise line of communication of what I did. Defeated and warranty time, Wrain
  4. Alright, i have now managed to get the "BIOS.CAP" file, load it onto the USB flash drive (bootable and fat32). I have reinstalled the hard drive, cd rom , ect. Now if i hit the power button the computer comes on with fan and cycles thru the 3 button lights on top right. Keyboard lights up but fan remains spinning on high and if I hit any buttons on keyboard I get "beeps". I'm thinking this is a warranty call? Wrain
  5. Hey guys, i'm a pretty new forum user here and well I think I got in over my head! I got excited about this new bios and attempted to go ahead with it. Well, Now i definatly live in the world of regret as its "bricked". I have th newer 7720 3630qm model and attempted the 970/1400 bios. After flashing it, I turned it off and on and now I just get a lit up keyboard, cycled 3 lights on the upper right 3 buttons, but no fan and dead. I have now spent hours attempting to learn how to use the "end" key to recover but this is where i'm failing. I have now taken out the hard drive, the cd rom, and just have a fat 32 usb windows xp flash boot stick I made. The problem is I have no idea how to get a "CAP" file and have attempted to extract from dell ect the bios rom file. I found a "russian" ROM file that is the extracted i presume but renaming and putting it BIOS.CAP on my stick and trying to "end" key recover it just sits with the fan spinning on high. If anyone wants to help me thru this with the right file or explain what i'm doing wrong I'm more than willing to throw a few bucks over thru paypal, i just have a broken comp and having to go thru the warranty is gonna suck ! Wrain
  6. You were mentioning the A12 bios, but I've read some posts saying to NOT go to that bios as it locks out even more features ect? Is there any truth to this? I'm also really wondering what the benefit to a12 over a11 is if any. Wrain
  7. personally I prefer Radeon video cards. Yes I know i'm the minority in some parts with this . The Radeon 7870 is a very VERY nice card. It really lets you overclock the crud out of it and I think personally you wont get much more muscle for 200.00 bucks. I had the 7970 and it was just overkill. (Especially after overclocking it) Wrain
  8. Anyone know the answer to this? I'm wanting to know if after a bad flash you can actually just change out the bios chip or is it soldered to the board? Wrain
  9. Heya Man your quick on the forums! Well I can either send you over the modded one I found or the link here is fine. This modded unlocked bios I have does'nt really seem to make a difference as the advanced options dont seem to make it any faster. Acer Support: Downloads & Support Documents - Notebook, Ultrabook / Aspire / Aspire V3-771G its the 1.12 bios there at the link above. I would LOVE to be able to somehow overclock the crud out of this 640m gt. I have it set right now with MSI afterburner up to 844mhz on the core. It wont let me go more on the msi afterburner. Locks at 135+mhz. As for this advanced bios, if you'd rather have it to mess with or mod/take a look at, how do I upload it on here??? or I can email. Thanks in advance, Jason
  10. Heya, Svl7 whats up. Been watching this thread myself but never saw another post. Did you ever mod this bios? I too am trying to get a nice overclock but have yet to find the v3-771g 640gt unlock bios or overclocked...I also have a fully unlocked bios (except does'nt change video speed) I could send ya to mess with as well. Thanks! Jason
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