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  1. Just be patient and wait some time. He's probably busy, but in the end he always comes back to answer. Yes, mPCIe and expresscard are the same, performance-wise. They both rely on the PCIe 1.0 bus (=2,5Gb/s). I guess you'd need to search for a modded bios with whitelist removal. It should be easy to find it for your T510. - - - Updated - - - And remember, if I'm not mistaken, that not every mPCIe port can be used for a x2 1.0 setup. It needs to be an odd numbered port and it must be contiguous to the expresscard port number: e.g. 1-3, 3-5, 5-7. Or something like that.
  2. Just wait for Nando4 to be sure (he's THE man ), but I'm quite sure you are facing the well-known whitelist problem of Lenovo bioses. If that's the case, I think there are two solutions: either hotplugging the mPCIe connector after the bios post (not advised really), or flashing a modded bios with no whitelist (advised). But again, wait for Nando.
  3. Yeah, sorry. I didn't remember that the implementation list was moved from the first post (where it was until some time ago).
  4. Yes, it's possible, but it's necessary that your two ports (expresscard and mPCIE) are odd numbered. Open up a software tool such as AIDA64 and look which port numbers those two have.Anyway, in the first page of this thread you may find more information. There's also a chart, in which you can search if there are other T510 implementations.
  5. Which ThinkPad model are you using? I have an E520 and I'd be interested in a similare setup as you have (750 Ti). Did you manage to get it working in Linux?
  6. I think it's still viable and I agree with you that the DA-2 troubles I read about make the Xbox360 PSU still very interesting.
  7. Has anyone tested (other than brute performance) maxwell's behaviour in PCI-e intensive scenes, such as the well known grass scene in Crysis? How does Maxwell compare with Kepler in such circumstances? Thanks.
  8. One feature request to BPlus, if possible: please make the new 2.1 release turn on/off based on expresscard power (= laptop is on/off). In short, like Exp Gdc does.
  9. I often have the same problem here. I can't believe there's no autopager (Firefox add-on) rule for a site like techinferno. Any reason why nobody has ever created one? Sorry for the OT.
  10. I agree with you. I'd go for PE4C if its price were only slightly higher than Exp Gdc v6, because I trust BPlus more than any other retailer when it comes to eGPU matter. But here the difference in price is really a lot: about 1,5 times. If BPlus could manage to keep the price below 100$ I think it would be a fair price.
  11. Well done. It should also make a huge difference if you listen to music with decent speakers.
  12. Exactly what Tyrant Eric said. If you use an external monitor you could think about it. If you use internal screen, the HDMI audio won't help you.
  13. I'm tired and maybe I'm saying something stupid, but... can't you use hdmi audio? That relies on the graphics card, as far as I know.
  14. Here's the table of my i7-2760QM. x12 x23 x24 x25 x26 x27 x28 x29 x30 x31 x32 x33 x34 x35 i7-2760QM VID 0.8105 1.006 1.0258 1.0508 1.0758 1.1058 XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX 45W / Noric TDP 11.4 25.6 27.9 30.5 33.1 36.8 XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX TEMP 49 62 67 70 75 80 Voltage and power draw are very similar to other SB cpus tested, but I can't understand why mine can't go beyond x27. There is quite some headroom left. When I use Lynx it goes up to 4-core at x27 but uses 44-45W, so it obviously can't bear x28 with Lynx. But with Throttlestop Bench it should clock higher than x27, I think.
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