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  1. The last movie I saw was called The Incredible Story of Rose Island. This movie was about how a man built his island out of iron in neutral waters. He was an engineer, and he built it for a girl and freedom. And the movie, by the way, was based on real events. But unfortunately, I don't watch a lot of movies lately because I don't have the internet at home. I go to a friend's house every week and download a couple of movies to my MacBook to watch at home later, I can watch them thanks to avi player for mac. Hopefully, I'll have the internet at home soon and I can watch movies without interference.
  2. Oh, well it was my brother's computer, but then it became mine. 2GB of RAM. I don't remember the video card, especially since it changed. The hard drive was 30 GB.
  3. Now I'm bored and trying to cheer myself up somehow, so I listen to cheerful music. Spinnin and also Billie eilish.
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