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  1. I already removed the heatsink, cleaned it and repaste both CPU and GPU. Didnt fix the fan. I also think hardware failure because in HWInfo data from the EC Controler are grayed, CPU temp seems accurate but only updates every 10 seconds or so, and system temp stays at zero. Maybe with RWEverythink i could "force" a constant value for systemp temp (80°C for exemple) into EC, but i dont know which hex value to tweak, and i cant find the information anywhere. Last thing i could think off was to power fan directly on a +5V source on the motherboard, but only if i cant find a better solution Thanks for your help anyway.
  2. It runs at 100% for about 1sec, then idle for about 10 sec, and on again... whatever CPU temp. Tried replacing the fan itself, it has no effect. Bios and EC firmware updated with latest from MSI. I tried a lot of programs to change the speed curve (Dragon center, RWeverything, Fan control tools, speedfan, ...) none of those seems to work Maybe setting fan speed directly from Bios could help, but i cant do it with MSI stock Bios because fan control is not available.
  3. HI @Klem, I would like to try an unlocked Bios for my GE70-2OC in order to fix fan issue. Bios backup link below : https://www.sendspace.com/file/sfb45e Thank you very much, Sylvain.
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