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  1. There should not be a "thermal shutdown" at 90c on those cards.
  2. Could be heat blow it out with compressed air for dust check your temps in game or with furmark from geeks 3D you could need a heat sink repaste as well. Update graphics drivers to latest update. if not try a windows re-install if you have that option. The motherboard graphics card could be failing. ASUS RMA works alright does it still have a active warranty? By the way your completely in the wrong section. This section is for the Alienware m17x laptops not the Asus G serious laptops...
  3. I have this issue in m17x with only a 740qm so I don't think the cpu is drawing too much power.
  4. Ads8111

    Tomb Raider 2013

    TressFX Looks nuts. I am willing to buy the game just for that. Although I hope it runs well on Intel as well as it is portraying AMD.
  5. I got a large Boost on 5870m X2.
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