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  1. Sorry for the delay, I've been creating DMACs for the past couple of days...it's been driving me nuts. I guess you managed to dump your bios En-TACT. I have my copy here too: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7DwE5m7sDfOVXJDbzF2TFV2RXc though it's likely too late to matter, I figured I'd post it anyway. Seems I'm always a step behind when jumping on this forum lol Let me know if there's anything more I can do to help.
  2. I'm in the same boat as En-TACT. I have the same bios version as him, the only difference is I installed windows 7 64 bit on mine (not that it should really make a difference I dont think?). But if you remove the whitelist on that version I'm absolutely interested in that as well. :-) I'll definitely have to get you a beer or something...though I hate donating through paypal, that maybe my only option lol
  3. Yea, I had realized that chances are if there's no software we can get our hands on we're kinda stuck with using a hex editor. I took a quick look at it and got a general idea of what's written where and how it's written but it doesn't look fun by any means....it would definitely take me a bit. Figured it was worth a shot to try. I'd feel like a pretty useless computer engineer if I did, hah. So that brings me back to the questions A) Is there a way lenovo can see what bios' were run on a laptop (a bios record, if you will)? I take it no one possesses another editor for these silly InsydeH20 bios sets? Or a simpler way of editing/modifying them other than a hex editor?
  4. Definitely good to know. I did some research on trying to modify the bios myself but only got as far as EzH2O and am not finding a simple way to do anything there. Do you have a different tool you use? I would like to help/contribute if so. At least get the abilities of the older versions you had up to date with the version I have if it helps at all. LMK what I can do or again if it makes a difference at all. Personally, all I'm looking to do is install a dual band wireless card like so many others, but I figure might as well contribute while I'm at it since all these posts have been so helpful (return the favor if you will lol).
  5. Hey guys, I ran through this thread real quick and didn't catch anyone talking about locking the bios back up. Long story short, my concern is because I bough the 3 year extended accidental warranty on my new Y580 (which I got yesterday) that if I unlock the bios that I will void my warranty. Do they have any way of checking to see if the bios was tampered with or can I get a regular locked version of the bios back on the thing if I install an unlocked version on it? Lastly, my bios version is 3.7. Stupidly I deleted all partitions when formatting and installing windows 7 (cause windows 8 is useless to me...none of my FPGA programs run on it...nicely anyway) so I can't even go back and get a copy of it :-(, but not sure if it would matter reverting to an unlocked 2.06? I'm looking into seeing if there's a way I can snatch a copy of it still somehow. Thanks! --- Okay, not sure if it helps anyone or anything but I grabbed a copy of my bios if it does. Let me know if anyone wants it. I'm going to proceed to looking into modifying this version myself
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