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  1. Dear Friends, I am a owner of Lenovo Y50-70 for 7 years. Laptop has been great machine all the way. An abouth month ago I managed to spill a water on it. I immediately turned it off, and disassamble it (which I have done multiple times during those years due to cleaning or upgrades of RAM and SSD). To my max surprise, laptop works great. Just wifi-card seems to have issues - random freeze of connection and then drop of connection in random times. Sometimes it works fine all day, sometimes I have to perform manual device disable / enable procedure. So I think, this card is not OK, bought new (well, not new), same Intel 7260NGW and run in to whitelist issue (maybe diff HW revisions?). This led me to look for more answers so I ended up here (currently have ordered new Lenovo Legion 5 Pro, but this Y50-70 still works great tho) Lenovo Y50-70 uses currently most recent BIOS 9ECN43WW. So my Q is: Can you please provide me unlocked BIOS without whitelist blockage + additional stuff might me great, I def wont get rid of this machine, it deserves to stay (runs W11Pro!) Below is attached my BIOS dump did by "Universal BIOS backup tool kit" since "BackupTools.rar did not work" https://www.sendspace.com/file/fj4ljm Thank You very much! P.S Found here all BIOS versions to download https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-P-Y-and-Z-series/Y50-Bios-3-03-problem/td-p/2178818
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