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  1. @Klem I would like to personally thank you for your help with the unlock, everything works smooth and my laptop feels like new! You are awesome!
  2. No file created and same message... Also this: Error 39: PCH is not supported Error 620: Unknown hardware platform
  3. I run Backup tools as you said (as administrator) but no file created anywhere... Any suggestions? This is the message: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. green Backup-test fully passed. Pressing any key will result in opening website www.sendspace.com results.rar file was placed on your desktop. Upload results.rar file and provide the download link. Press any key...
  4. Hello @Klem! I'm thinking of buying a new wifi 6 network card (Intel AX200 NGWG) to install on my Lenovo Y50-70, so I guess I'm gonna need to whitelist that right? So my question is: Should I buy and install the new network card and run the program you will send me for the bios results, run with the old network card, or it doesn't matter at all even if I run the program without the network card? Thanks in advance! Cheers!
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