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  1. I don't think it is problem of overheating at all, my fans are not even forced to do anything. Also I it happens invariably on both integrated and dedicated card. I opened the comp, hoovered dust and checked the thermal paste. Both GPU and CPU are having none left, but this is also a first check in 2 years. But as I said, this computer is designed for gaming and has really powerful fan that get triggered at raising temperature, but the abrupt restarts happen even when running on battery and just browsing internet. The paste will get replaced also. I used hwinfo64, but really have no idea what to look for apart from temperatures which are not over 40 C.
  2. Hi Everyone, I have been an owner of GT60 2PC for two years now and until recently the boy performed great. Unfortunately, couple weeks ago it started to restart (hard restart - first shut off abruptly and then rebooted) out of sudden randomly without any warning signals. Be it during listening music, playing videos or games. It happens less when on battery and just browsing internet or not playing demanding games. And once it happens on mains I usually run it on battery after restart to prevent another subsequent crash that follows shortly after windows load. Sometimes even that does not help and I need to put the PC to rest before running it again. Absolutely no idea what is going on. What I did so far: 1. Contacted MSI support. They sent me a new BIOS version. That did not help. Problem is that it is out of warranty and I cannot afford now to have it fixed by them. 2. Made a clean reinstall of W10 installing drivers from scratch. Again - no change. Played about an hour (XCOM) and boom, black screen power off. But the other time I played TES; Legends for hours without problem. And then it crashed during watching a YouTube videos or playing music from Soundcloud for instance, but not immediately. After some time. However, next day I spent some time on both websites without problem. So it seems it is almost random. 3. I was told it might a faulty PSU, but if it is so, why it keep behaving like this when on battery? Nevertheless, a new charger is on its way. So my question is: Has anyone got a clue what is going on? Thanks Six
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