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  1. I7 4770k with some additional overclock + GTX 770 - is GPU bound in every modern title. Im using 4770k and 4790k(they're pretty much the same) from time to time and it's really capable CPU for it's age. In person - played some CP2077 on this cpu and it wasn't horrible experience - more likely 50fps avg.
  2. Skelther

    24" vs 27"

    I have some time ago LG 24GM77 and it was too small for me, went to Benq EW277HDR (FHD). Size was massive improvement for overall usage but fonts are like blurry mess so i got rid of this monitor. Like 3 months ago i bought 1440p Dell S2721DGF - perfect size, perfect ppi. Cant recommend this combo more - 1440p on 27inch got you like 108ppi + high refresh rate is best you can get
  3. Its very old topic but can someone explain me is overclocking pci-e is beneficial in any significant way without SLI? Wanna try this on X58 - is PCIE 2.0 ofc.
  4. Probably best overclocking you can do for you laptop is just try to undervolt it. It can improve your thermal room for clocks - try MSI Afterburner for it. If you want some more specific advice we need what model of laptop you have - your gpu and cpu
  5. GTX 770 2gb is basically GTX 1050Ti in 90% of games - as regards of performance. I have used this card like half year ago - it was playable on all games that I have played. CoD Warzone need more gpu power, something more like GTX 780ti, atleast for FHD 60fps+
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