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  1. Okay as the title states I have an AW 17 R1 ranger with a 4930mx that no matter how I set it it will always stay at 2.1 to 3 GHz with no turbo when I try yo overclock it even selecting dells oc lvl1 I've tried everything including changing turbo time and nothing it just stays down clocked I have the 330 watt power brick so I know it's not power starved
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1huRVJJaCee92iG0goPrzZeSdjTiyX6z_/view?usp=sharing
  3. ill send the vbios in a bit i looked at it with maxwell bios tweaker but i dont have the time lol
  4. hey there if i post my vbios for my m400m would you unlock it for me as well :)? hey there if i post my vbios for my m400m would you unlock it for me as well :)? mine is an alienware 17 r1 i just installed the m4000m in it but its tdp starved at 75 watt :/
  5. hello there so i have a quadro m4000m . its a dell version in my aw 17 r1 ranger ; i know different machine but im merely looking for an unlocked bios for the quadro its tdp starved also if this is the wrong place to ask could someone link the forum url thank you
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