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  1. hello all! I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight to a problem I'm having I have a alienware m15x with a gtx 970m in it. dell model. I updated the bios with svl7s bios mod to unlock it. I am using nvidia inspector for OC'ing. using a 240 watt dell powerbrick as well. when I OC the card. it will boost to the oc clocks I put down but as soon as the card hits anything above 95% usage the core clock drops and nvidia inspector shows it switching from P0 to p1 until the utilization drops to 90% or below. Can anyone give me some info as to why this is happening. it's not overheating. I'm sitting at around 75c am I doing something wrong or is this supposed to happen ? thanks
  2. I'm not able to download anything all of a sudden. yesterday I was today " I'm not permitted" What gives
  3. hey all! I'm new here so I don't know if this topic has been discussed in the past so forgive me if it's a repeat. Here's the subjuect. I have an older Alienware m17xr2. specs: i7 840 16 gigs 1600 mhz ram 500 gig ssd gtx 680m with a modded bios from svl7 which works insanely well and gave new life to the 680m my issue is thermals. I have the gpu fan speed maxed out, a laptop cooling pad and I even used liquid metal thermal grease. I can't stop the GPU from throttling. my gpu is overclocked to 1045 on the core. I've tried even going down to 1000 on the core. no luck. I know alienware has crappy thermal solutions but I was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks to help this issue. I know letting it run at stock would eliminate the thermal issue. but the that would be the difference between 35-40 fps in games to 50-60 in games. any help would be appreciated. Thanks and sorry again if this was already discussed -Grimmrelic87
  4. Hey all, just joined. avid pc enthusiast and builder here. I've come across Tech inferno many times researching things I needed for builds or repairs. Always viewed as a guest and learned a lot of valuable info from some of the threads here. So i decided to join in as well as show some mad respect and appreciation to those doing the crazy bios mods and other most excellent work that the big name companies don't want people to know can be done. looking forward to hopfully using a gtx 680m unlocked bios as well as a gtx 970 unlocked bios for my alienware laptops I refurbished. take care GrimmRelic87
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