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  1. I got it from here: https://www64.zippyshare.com/v/au26DAss/file.html didn't work the first time but then is somehow did later.
  2. Also didn't have any issues in Linux Mint, it just worked.
  3. I installed an Intel 7260 I bought some months ago, naively thinking I can just install it.
  4. Alright, finally managed to get it done, everything worked beautifully. The only problem I encountered was with creating the bootable DOS drive as instructed here, encountered some "write protect" error, maybe some compatibility issues with Win 10. Did manage to make a FreeDOS drive with Rufus and flash successfully. Thanks to all involved!
  5. Yes, it is not an insurmountable problem, think I can probably create a bootable USB Windows drive.
  6. Looks like v2.04 is still available on Lenovo's website here: https://support.lenovo.com/gb/en/downloads/ds101628-bios-update-for-windows-8-64-bit-ideapad-y400-y500 Unfortunately it looks like it is only possible to install via windows, to answer my own (2nd) question.
  7. Saw that link earlier but was dead somehow, clicked on it now and Walla, managed to download the file! Thank you!
  8. Coming to this party extremely late, I have two questions: 1. Are these files still available at all, i.e. will I be able to download without issue them if I pay for the Tier I Elite membership? 2. Is it possible to perform this unlock without windows installed on my machine? Am I correct in understanding that the bios can be backed up and flashed from a bootable removable drive with DOS , and that windows is only required to do the patching, something I presume can be done with a Virtual Machine?
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