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  1. @Klem There is something else I can do? maybe you know someone that can help?
  2. Hi @Klem, can you please help me? I need a BIOS mod for DELL Inspiron 5770. BIOS Version: 1.2.5 https://dl.dell.com/FOLDER06151025M/1/Inspiron_5570_5770_125.exe I am pretty sure that I need a whitelist removal and advanced options. its for egpu. Thanks
  3. Hello, I just got my exp gdc dock and my GPU and it seems like the bios "blocking" the egpu. Can someone give me a mod? Thanks DELL Inspiron 5770 BIOS: https://dl.dell.com/FOLDER06151025M/1/Inspiron_5570_5770_125.exe Also, I found A way to extract the BIOS exe file using a Python script. then I've got 6 BIN files. https://www.dropbox.com/s/orx4wyi7vezu8mi/Inspiron_5570_5770_125.exe_extracted.zip?dl=0
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