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  1. Hi @Klem, Would you help me with this? I have replaced amd8970m to Nvidia gtx970m 6GB.I have bought it from ebay, it was originally on Clevo P370SM-A, and I have laptop Clevo P150SM-A. Bios version 1.03.09, KBC/EC version 1.03.08 Vbios version, Device ID 10DE 1618- 1558 5281 Laptop bios does not recognises card, and Device ID is not on the inf list. W10 drivers install unsucsesfull, managed to get it on W7, but apps requiring Nvidia card not working. Can this card be reflashed to work on my laptop? Could upload images, but not allowed. Thanks for your help, give a shout if you need more info.
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