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  1. I'll give that a shot. However, I don't think installing GPU drivers after DDU will work. With the MODDED bios, I did an entirely fresh, clean install of Win10 and still was unable to install drivers w/o modifying them manually, so I don't think DDU will do anything in this case. Either way, I'm fine as long as it's normal. Also, a manual OC only gives 70hz stable. Anything above that is fuzzy, so I'm not too sure why that's the case considering it was defaulted to 75Hz beforehand. I may try stock bios just to see what happens. As asked before, what CPU can I install w/ modded bios?
  2. Have a P870DM-G and just used the latest BIOS posted. No errors, except afterwards my DUAL GTX980s would not install; one was showing as "Microsoft Basic" and the other was showing as a "3D device" or something. However, with modified drivers I was able to get them to install OKAY. Is this normal? These were factory cards from CLEVO. Also, I lost G-SYNC. Is that normal? Or was this function supposed to return after the flash/driver install of my 980s? I don't mind losing Gsync that much, but going from 75 > 60hz is a bummer. On another note, what's the newest CPU anyone has tried w/ these BIOS? 8 series? 9 series? 9700/9900k?

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