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  1. Juana

    Clevo p775dm3-G

    Hello guys someone knows some bios to update to 8th gen?
  2. i have a clevo p775dm3-g and the cpu downclock in games somebody knows why? i have good temperature
  3. hello guys. i have clevo p775dm3-g with a i7 6700K with unlocked bios but i have a issue with cpu.. i put him to 4.2ghz or another frequecy and in desktop he make it but when i luch a game he downsclock to 4ghz i dont know why somebody can help me_? sorry my bad english best regards
  4. hi! i install ur unlocked bios.. but i have a issue i put my 6700K to 4.4ghz and in desktop he makes the 4.4ghz but when i lunch the game the cpu downclock to 4ghz i try change some settings but no effect
  5. hello im bring here my first contribution best regards https://www.rapidshare.com.cn/SVEygnN
  6. I am here more than a week =(
  7. I cant download here =( Can u provide me to email please? É [email protected], or give a external link
  8. Hello my friend thank u soo much but i cant download here =( can u provide me to email or something?
  9. Hello, someone knows where i can find a bios unlocked for this model please? best regards
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