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  1. you can do it yourself. Here's how to: 1. Download whitelist unlocked bios (ver.2.06) - link few pages before 2. change .exe to .rar OPTION #1 3.1 modify in platform.ini. Change: [bios_Version_Check] Flag=0 OPTION #2 3.1 extract QIWY3206.rom 3.2 open with hex editor 3.3 search for "5dcn39ww" and change to 5dcn40ww 3.4 search for "2.06" and change to 2.07 3.5 save and replace original rom in rar archive. 4. change back .rar to .exe 5. run and enjoy. In my case modifying .ini file did not work (although many people confirmed it works, I still had error message). After modifying .rom file with HEX editor - all works just fine -PC boots and operates well. Tomorrow I will replace Wifi interface. Hope it will work too...
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