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    Lenovo G500s Bios Unlock/VBios

    Hello friends, first of all i wan't to apologize if there is already a thread for this but i couldn't find it using the search bar. So I've got a "new" CPU (i7 3720QM) which should normally be a able to set the boost multipliers higher. (as seen in this Video on YT) But for some reason it seems to be lock in my BIOS. The current BIOS that is flashed has been unlocked years ago but only to remove the Wifi Whitelist. The advanced options are actually somehow also unlocked but there isn't any option like "Performance Tuning" or something. My current Bios Version is 7BCN38WW (v2.04) 12/10/2013 My Laptop is a Lenovo G500s 20245. I would really appreciate any help

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