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  1. Hi Klem, Hopefully it's enough for more than 1 beer. If you can remove whitelist for me that would be enough. Anyway if you decide to do more than that please let me know. Here's my Bios backup file : https://www.sendspace.com/file/06xuj8 Also please send instructions on how to further proceed. Million thanks! C.Florin
  2. Hi Klem, My name is Florin and I just signed up to techinferno rather to try and solve a recent problem I created for myself. A week ago when I've cleaned my laptop, not being to careful I broke 1 of the 2 connections on the WiFi card... It still worked after but with much lower speed and bad or fluctuating wireless signal... Next day I've searched and bought another Intel 7260 WiFi card but this one had "NGW" written after the model number... Nonetheless the card came, had it installed and obviously id didn't work, hence myself signing up on a forum related to BIOS whitelist removals... I have tried updating the BIOS firmware but it still didn't work... I would kindly require your help for removing the BIOS whitelist on my Lenovo Y50-70 to be able to use the new bought Wifi card. If you are willing to help, I can send you today afternoon the BIOS back-up file. Million thanks in advance! Best of luck, C.Florin
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