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  1. LuckyJay92


    Anyone having great results with this update? It made my 1060 feel like a better card.
  2. LuckyJay92

    HELP - Acer eGPU Blackscreen 1050ti

    These laptops dont have pcie lanes on the m.2 slot for the wifi card. There is no way to get an egpu working afaik with these systems
  3. LuckyJay92

    AMD 5700 XT vs NVIDIA RTX 2070 (eGPU)

    I would definitely go with the 570xt, really good performance for the money. I was always an nvidia guy but vega has a special place in my heart for some odd reason and this new card is a beast. Amd is ontop both gpu and cpu wise (with price to performance in mind)
  4. I dont see a graphics card mentioned anywhere. But apple only works with amd graphics cards, for an egpu an rx570 would do you good. There are better cards but the 570 has a really good bang for your buck.
  5. LuckyJay92

    1050ti benchmarking better than a 1650?

    Im assuming you used ddu to wipe the driver before you installed the new one? Try installing 436.02 after you use ddu. Also, use something like 3dmark, firestrike or timespy. valley is a bit old for these cards.

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