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  1. Hey there, the short of it is that I am limited on my graphics card options. I previously had an asus single fan 1050ti and upgraded to a 1650 The power supply is 750w so that shouldn't be a problem but I still have to use MB power only (long story), no external power. Anyways before the new 1650 came in, I benchmarked my system and it ran 52fps on valley benchmark in 1440p @ 60hz. Not bad for a 1050ti honestly. I benched it again after installing the 1650 and it is consistently around 48fps.learn spanish online The only difference in my system is that I have to use a PNY card which only has a HDMI and DVI output (single slot), whereas my asus 1050ti used DP. Other than using HDMI instead of DP, everthing else is the same. Is displayport really that much better? My monitor supports HDMI 2.0 so I figured I was actually upgrading.
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