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  1. Also my ac-adapter gets very hot when im playing games, like very hot can't barely touch it....
  2. For exemple this is before running bench https://ibb.co/FXS6Vwd And this is after running bench you can see that i get a decrease of my cpu performance: https://ibb.co/99kKQF8 with balanced mode in power options. https://ibb.co/dcmPSZs with maximum performance. I just saw this now that i seem to get better results with balanced mode in power options that in maximum performance. What is going on here? Btw it can't be maximum performance fault because it is all in maximum. Includding cpu max and min performance are both at 100% Here is also prints i took runing pc in maximum performance to show you my hw monitoring: https://ibb.co/PZv66gC https://ibb.co/Gp7g2hL https://ibb.co/wN8BwxC https://ibb.co/0Q3VYsb
  3. Hey first of all i have a barebone from msi MS-1492. My bios version is american megatrends bios E14921G6.30H , 05/08/2013 . I have a gtx 760m and i7-4700 mq. Im having a problem with him because every time that i stress my cpu it doesn't cross the frequency base of 2.4... As soon as i stop stressing the cpu the frequency goes up to 3.2-3.4 GHZ. So if i see a movie or i play some games my cpu doesn't give my full speed. And even if its a question of temperature can't it at least give 3ghz? i think would make a diference while gamming... I saw this topic, and although its from years ago I would like to know what can i do to put my cpu giving a bit more not overclock it until 4ghz but stabelize it at 3hz at least? Obs: What temps you managed to get with i7-4700mq runing at that speed < 4Ghz ?
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