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  1. It depends on the games you're playing and the settings. There's no real way to tell how bad it will be. Battlefield 4 was a game I really struggled with in terms of stutter. After replacing literally every piece of the machine(Desktop), 4 years ago), I found my display was the reason for stuttering, ended up buying the one of the first g-sync panels they sold, and that fixed my issues. So it may be deeper than you think. Could also be power limit throttling if you see low cpu usage and performance, but theres no way to know yet, we'd need you to tell us more info about tdp usage in the 4700mq as well as the clocks it turbos to.
  2. I would say that the bottleneck wouldn't be that big, considering it's the mq, and two 770Ms will provide enough power for at least 60 FPS in a lot of games I would figure. I'm sure you'll get bottlenecks above that that are cpu-based. So OC forever man! Let that system run as fast as it can!
  3. LeviK

    PREMA bios P775TM1-G

    My apologies for not seeing that before. Thanks for the article.
  4. LeviK

    PREMA bios P775TM1-G

    I'm also aware of some aftermarket bios for on this website by baked, but I need special permissions to download files from this website. Whats a good way to get those permissions?
  5. LeviK

    PREMA bios P775TM1-G

    I went ahead and tweeted at him. Just ordered the laptop today. Pretty excited.
  6. LeviK

    PREMA bios P775TM1-G

    This is preemptive before I buy the machine, gentechpc happens to have a P775TM1-G with a 2070 for under 2 grand, that is all I can afford. Everywhere else it's like four hundred more dollars. I refuse to pay $400 for a bios. What is the best course of action to do to get the prema BIOS in this case?
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