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  1. Hey, I sent you my dump a few months ago but I never got wifi to work, that's when I realized that my EEPROM flasher always says "Unsafe loop" when dumping, I finally got it to work in a more stable fashion (it kept giving me different md5sums). But now that I got 5 in a row with the same checksum, can you perform the whitelist removal mod on that new dump? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gZvQmJQMJmUbJAh_cQ8REGak6-klXQZp/view?usp=sharing Thanks a lot for doing that for us.
  2. Hey, I have an x240 and I'd like to replace the wifi card to a DW1560 to have 5ghz wifi. Can you perform the whitelist removal mod? Here's the link to the eeprom dump: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BK-C0wc0IxZjDmftOxsBloxDa_7vGhft/view?usp=sharing, I dumped it three times and the md5sum was the same every time. Machine type: 20AM-S4JL00 Thanks in advance. You can DM me if you need any info about my laptop like a serial number.

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