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  1. Rajibmistic

    G751JT vBOIS??

    Yes it works but only limited +135. Here's the post of another user with insane OC with modded bios. https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?59739-Insane-Overclock-with-the-Asus-g751JT-GTX-970M
  2. Rajibmistic

    G751JT vBOIS??

    The upper slider cannot be moved
  3. Rajibmistic

    G751JT vBOIS??

    Yes the gpu. Yet I cannot control the core clock. A modded vbios would work out for me. It's "Asus G751JT" Gtx 970m 3GB variant.
  4. Rajibmistic

    G751JT vBOIS??

    If it's possible for overclocking? I would be very grateful sir.
  5. Rajibmistic

    G751JT vBOIS??

    I also have the same exact model. I would like to unlock g sync and also overcloking.
  6. Thank you for letting me know about it. But I would still like advanced menu on bios and also remove whitelist for wifi adapter. There are no such listing in my adapter option. Just single 48hz. If any other way around will be greatly appreciated. Hello Klem, Thank you. I would still like my advanced bios menu unlocked and whitelist removed
  7. Hello Klem. My laptop is Lenovo Y50-70. And I would like to unlock advance BIOS menu, remove white list and unlock monitor refresh hertz. It's currently locked at 47hz. And some LCD panel information shows that it can go up to 60hz. Thank you so much. Result from backup tool: https://www.sendspace.com/file/80f5ar

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