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  1. Has anyone else had success getting Fast Sync or Adaptive Sync to work? Setup, bios re-flashing, and running various troubleshooting scripts (like the error 43 one) went great, and benchmarks showed virtually no bottlenecking - I just noticed the Fast and Adaptive sync options missing from the V-Sync options in the Nvidia control panel.
  2. Should there be any significant differences between using this new one with an unmodded bios VS if we have the older one with a modded bios? Or is it just for the convenience of not needing to flash a modded bios? Btw, I successfully received my adapter and am in the process of setting it up. Thanks again for carrying on where Gerald left off and making further advancements on these!
  3. Dude, those prices are super reasonable considering that this is a low-volume, newly-developed product, especially compared to external eGPU enclosures which can get really pricey. Keep up the great work! Is the acrylic case meant to go with the board version or the cable version?
  4. I think everyone should realize that SH is an enthusiast, a student, and an innovator - not a business or high-volume hardware manufacturer. Appreciate the amazing work he has done during an already-stressful time in his life, and be accommodating and understanding about the sale and shipping of these adapters. The same applies after they arrive - it's not like these come with a warranty, and he's just one dude, not a customer support team. We're going to have to work together as a community to solve issues that come up. Remember that you're not buying a product from a huge company, SH is probably paying out of pocket to get these manufactured and we need to appreciate this and his brilliant design efforts. Tl;dr - don't act like a customer, act like a fellow tech enthusiast.
  5. Just checking in, you can count me in for one. Happy to pay a premium to compensate you for your time and sunk costs!
  6. My hero!! <3 Take your time, focus on the important stuff in your life for now - there will be plenty of time in a few months to
  7. I'd also like to thank the heroes out there developing Ultrabay adapters for all of us still rocking these Lenovo laptops in 2018. Whenever these reach a sale-ready state, you can definitely count me in. I'm trying to freshen up my old Y510P to give to a buddy as a budget VR-capable gaming rig after he gets through basic training and tech school. I already have it running better than ever with a thermal paste reapplication, an SSD replacing the original cache drive, and a Firecuda replacing the original hdd, but the 755m's are seriously holding this back. Good luck to you guys in your endeavors!!
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