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  1. pinkyfloo

    14" Dell Latitude E6440 Owner's Lounge

    well idk why it keeps censoring it, egpu point io, the name is nan do 4
  2. pinkyfloo

    14" Dell Latitude E6440 Owner's Lounge

    Well damn I'd suggest going directly to ***********, maybe ********* could bring you some advice, also if the card is reported to be eGPU unstable look and try other setup's workarounds, they might work, good luck!
  3. pinkyfloo

    14" Dell Latitude E6440 Owner's Lounge

    I think you haven't lowered TOLUD, how did you disable the dGPU? error 43 (as reported on EGPU IO) doesn't affect 9xx or older GPUs, therefore you can update to the latest (or your favorite) version drivers, basically you need to do the NVRAM work to enable hotplugging, lower the TOLUD and Disable dGPU (Not recommended), however if you're using setup 1.3, I think it can be all done from there, when had my eGPU I did the old fashion, DSDT Override and NVRAM values, it was another model tho, you can head to my post (Or search for Atonus's and ****** NVRAM values at page 2, theyre linked at the first post "Enable RAID", there are the eGPU NVRAM values at the end)
  4. pinkyfloo

    Gaming Laptop build with GTX750ti-LP (Non-eGPU)

    Just to clear to my mind (PLEASE!!!) you're running the laptop screen powered by the desktop i5? or did you connect the GPU into the Laptop PCI-E interface?
  5. pinkyfloo

    14" Dell Latitude E6440 Owner's Lounge

    I'm gonna answer to my previous questions and post some information for -hopefully- posterity, as there are some older posts quoting some dead links, I've digged on these subjects and found the most reliable and easy methods to do so, this is a great machine, it can stand for non-gaming battle all through 2019, I'll be updating this post over time. As a note, right now the i7 4930MX is sitting at 183 Euros on Aliexpress (they price it on EUR), the 4940MX is around 300, and it's only 100MHz faster, so best price-performance relationship as of early Jan 2019 is 4930MX Edit 1: First batch of info: Thermal issues I've managed to extend NTH1 cooling activity by leaving the paste curate (repaste, boot up, TSBench 1024 4 Threads Twice [takes about 6 mins each pass on 4600M Stock], Shut down for 1 hour, then normal use. I'm using a cheap fan under the laptop as well, temperaures have been sitting around 48-52 idle with Clock modulation on, on Power Saving goes almost 45C, during load has peaks of 90-94 AT MOST, before used to be 97C PROCHOT (slight throttle to avoid TJuction) and around 105 on the GPU (CRITICAL TEMP) I'm waiting for this Kootek Chill Mat 5 I ordered, it stands as the best cooler out there on several tests, reducing up to 30C internal temps, yes you read right 30C. HOWEVER I DO NOT RECOMMEND NOCTUA NT-H1 for this laptop, to me it seems that there's a gap between heatsink and CPU/GPU Die Planning on buying either liquid metal or Kryonaut, following the pasting guide by verei at NotebookReview: ThrottleStop - Overclocking Dell Precision M6800, I will update on this later on Turbo Power Limits (TPL) - Removing CPU TDP Limits In order to modify CPU TDP and Current constraints we need to modify the BIOS, the most reliable, fast and easy method is to use a NVRAM editor (Notice that if you want to reset these values to default you should either re-do the process entering the default values or remove your CMOS battery) As of 2019 FTK8 gave me Error 201 with BIOS from A02 to A23 and wouldn't dump the bios, as the variables are already known, we're gonna skip this part of the process used by Atonus (WORKAROUND AVAILABLE) In order to do so you need to download This NVRAM Editor, paste the EFI folder on the root of a FAT32 USB Stick, reboot, F12, boot from usb stick, once in there we're going to use Atonus's BIOS variables, As well I used those in the post that verei quotes on his guide. Once in GRUB in the NVRAM Editor type: setup_var VAR DV Where: VAR is the Variable I.E. 0xC9A or 0x54 DV is Desired Value I.E. 0x0 or 0x1 Examples: setup_var 0xC9A 0x0 to Disable Package Power Limit setup_var 0xC9A 0x1 to Enable Package Power Limit Atonus's Variables - RED Means TARGET, BLACK Means Default Value
  6. pinkyfloo

    14" Dell Latitude E6440 Owner's Lounge

    Hey all! I recently got a second hand dGPU E6440 (i7 4600M) from a guy on FB marketplace, the machine looks and works all ok (after some troubleshooting), however it suffered from extreme throttling (as low as 0.4MHz) After long troubleshooting I've managed to solve the issue with ThrottleStop, I think this happens as the charger he gave me is a generic one. However, the machine was suffering from Thermal, Current Limit and Power Limit Throttling as reported on XTU To solve Thermal I bought some Noctua NT-H1, which works for shaming periods of time, I've changed Paste easily 4 times on a month: First time I opened it the Paste it had was horrible at the least, I cleaned it all and applied a small blob to both chips, got temps down from 80C on Idle to high 40s, low 50s, while gaming it held a solid 97C (with its sweet dose of 97C PROCHOT), which ultimately always caused my CPU to go 0.4MHz if I gave it the time to do so, after new paste it reached 85-87C at full 3.5GHz TB) Couple weeks after, I opened it up as 97C and Thermal Throttling came back, but before that I noticed CPU wasn't working on Turbo anymore while gaming, however when opened it up I noticed that the paste slid al out of the Dies, so I thought I used too little and re-cleaned and re-applied, a slight higher amount on both chips, and monitored temperature more closely. Turned out the same, four days later I was pretty sure the same as before happened again, I opened it and all the paste had slid out of both chips and temperatures were going high again. This time I applied a good bunch of paste (that's a no-no for me, always, but what else could I've tried? I'm pretty sure there's enough pressure on all screws [EXCEPT for screws 5 & 6 on the GPU part of the Heatsink, they seem to stand out while all others seem to go deeper, however, they will not go deeper despite how much force I put into, it feels like they're seated]) This time It lasted a couple weeks again, doing some VRAM underclocking kept *96C* everything from Thermal Throttling, however when I opened the computer to check, the paste did slid out of the Dies already, this time I only applied a regular amount into it and haven't done anything else since, but I'm pretty sure this persists. Pictures of what it looked like when I opened it the fourth time and screws that I feel like not reaching bottom: Pictures Room temperature has been around 25C max and mins of around 5C Could this be the Noctua's paste consistency? Might be the screw I'm mentioning? Can someone provide me with a Screenshot of "Primary Plane Power Limits on TPL section on Throttlestop? As far as the program creator told me, there's one point while gaming that my Turbo needs to be shut down as my GPU isn't getting enough CURRENT, he said that the locked value (55 on mine) was what it was causing it, and if it wasn't editable I was pretty much stuck with that, in that regard I'm planning on upgrade to a 4800MQ, but I'm concerned that I will not get it's maximum E6440 potential as I'm stuck on PPL CL 55, Throttlestop author told me the ideal value should be 100. I've tried to extract my BIOS and modify Power Limits as described posts up, however I get "Error 201: [FPTw.exe] cannot be run on the current platform. Please contact your vendor." with no solution yet, I wonder if the FPTW OP uploaded was different than the one I found on the web, I looked for the same version tho) Also, could anyone provide Gaming benchmarks using a Dual and Quad? Will it benefit framerates to get a Quad? I know on instances where CPU is at 100 and GPU lower than that it will certainly help, but how about non-bottlenecking games? I use this machine for content creation too, so I'd get benefits from a Quad anyhow. Thanks fellas!
  7. pinkyfloo

    14" Dell Latitude E6440 Owner's Lounge

    you should go to intel HD Graphics Panel and set it to Max Performance, after doing so, mine became full speed (1299 Mhz I think)

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