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  1. Hello. I hope this thread is still alive. Anybody still using an M15X? Well, I am. I have an i7 720QM version with 8 GB RAM (upgraded it last year from 4 GB) and a trusty GTX 460M. PSU is stock 150W. BIOS is A08. Now, I had this strong itch to play DOOM 2016 on it so decided to get my hands dirty. I read a bit about GPU upgrades and found the GTX 680M a good choice but it is still so damn expensive! I then searched around and homed on to the 7970M. Here's my ebay shopping list: AMD 7970M ( blue version so...DELL) X-bracket for MXM 3.0b AMD cards 10 pcs of 20mmx20mmx0.5mm heatsink copper shim thermal pads (claims to have thermal conductivity of 401 W/mK but I wonder if that's fake) Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste 1.0 gram Corsair Vengeance 16 GB (2x8 GB) DDR3 (1600 Mhz but read somewhere that it clocks down to 1333 Mhz) Will take some time to ship but meanwhile I have decided to read up more about this upgradation. What do you guys think about the shopping list? What else do I need? I heard that the screws might be an issue. I will be handing the laptop to professionals (although I have changed the keyboard of an M11X before) so I hope they will have the required screws. Should I tell them to acquire 4mm screws? I have also noted that the heatsink and thermal paste need to fit properly along with the x-bracket. I do not intend to OC either the graphics card or the CPU. Will I have bottleneck/throttle/heat issues? Do I need to upgrade the bios to A09? Thank you
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