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  1. Zapytam ponownie i jak mogę sobie poradzić ze zmianą trybu uefi, aby zainstalować Windows 7? and is it true that I have to change the motherboard, because in this laptop there is no way to recover the password ..?
  2. Oh no, what should I do? How can I read / delete the password? If it unlocks the bios, I will be able to change eg mode uefi without a password? At the moment I can not. And I would like to install windows 7 ..
  3. Hi, Would you be able remove the Bios password and unlock my Bios? LENOVO G500 BIOS VER. 78CN25WW (V2.03) SN: CB23897068 I remember my user's password, but unfortunately the administrator's password fell out of my memory. Link below for my backup bios https://www.sendspace.com/file/ubmah8
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