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  1. Sorry it took so long to reply. I figured it out. For me, it was this brand new PSU that I got to go with the upgrade. They said it was OEM and 330w but changing back to my older one solved everything. Maybe this new one is defective or something but I will buy one directly from Dell if I can and see what happens. It's not crashing any more and everything seems to be running well on the old one. Also, my rig is somewhat unusual as everybody else here seems to have Optimus and integrated graphics disabled and using the 120Hz screen but not me. I wish I could figure out why I can't disable integrated graphics and why this new display won't work. I tried again after discovering that this new PSU isn't working correctly and still the same outcome of 8 beeps. Even trying to have an external display connected with the HDMI or DisplayPort to HDMI adapter would still get the beeps after disabling integrated graphics in the BIOS. There are a few other quirks that I'd like to work out but that's the major one. Another one is I think nVidia Control Panel isn't affecting anything. I think disabling Intel graphics and installing the new screen would solve this issue, if I could figure out how. At least I've learned how to modify those driver files and can mod the newest ones to install on my system but the settings don't seem to be taking. Intel Graphics Properties vsync works so I don't know...
  2. I keep getting BSOD and OSOD and just hard shutdowns. I'm not really sure what's going on and haven't done extensive testing but Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition and Grand Theft Auto V seem to run fine and run good with a little overclocking. But, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Ghost Recon, and Need for Speed games, among others, cause OSOD and hard shutdowns. Anybody have a nice driver they could share that would work well for this M17x-R4. You would think that since we're all using the same laptop that the one driver that works for you will probably work for me. I've tried two different modified drivers. 416 and 441. I've stress tested for hours with FurMark and FireStrike and temps have only gotten as high as 81C. I have a 330w PSU so I don't think that that's the issue. Any guesses?
  3. That sucks. I was really looking forward to using nVidia 3D Vision. I wonder why they discontinued support. I've heard that it's awesome. I also read on other posts about people who have modified drivers that have gotten the 3D Vision to work on these laptops. I could be wrong though. BTW, the driver that I'm using for the 1070 came from Eurocom and it's the 416.34 version.
  4. Hi Henrik9979, That would be cool if you could share some pics of your BIOS if you would be so kind. I think I attempted to set integrated graphics to Disabled and video output to Always PEG using an external monitor but I would always get 8 beeps and no post. When I try again I will change the settings to exactly what you have and see what happens. I contacted the seller on eBay but they haven't contacted me back. I requested a return or exchange so I hope they honor that. Also, RaZoR, I paid about $300 for the 1070 and the $100 was for the 120Hz display. I hope I'm not stuck with the 60Hz display but it's cool since I can hook the laptop up to my 4K smart tv and get 120Hz/1080p picture with this DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. Regards, BludBubbles I found out the Unknown Device using the method you described. It turns out it is the Fall Detector thingie and the other one is nVidia's audio. I'm just going to leave them like they are, I suppose, since everything is running smoothly.
  5. Hi RaZoRfi84, Thank you for responding. I'm not sure if it's a BIOS issue. Some threads say that it changes automatically to PEG mode when installing the 120Hz display. I saw PEG mode when I had the 7970m installed and integrated graphics activated but always got 8 beeps and no post when installing the new display. Yeah, and I also read that somebody said that this nVidia 1070 would require EDP but I suppose it's not true because I have it running with the stock 60Hz display. I tried disabling integrated graphics but I would get no post issue and would have to reset BIOS by removing the CMOS battery. I read that that's because you need Optimus with the nVidia GPUs because BIOS would not load without it. Which kind of makes sense. I tried changing the Active LFP setting in BIOS to EDP but would get no post issue. I think I tried everything described in these threads. But yeah, I can confirm that the 60Hz display works with a 1070 setup and I can't even get the 120Hz one to work. lol I think I got a good deal on it for $100 but it's just wasting away not being used. I will tinker a bit more in the future once I get everything else done. I will probably try again before I do the re-paste. It just sucks that I waiting to attempt to install it until the return date past because I was buying all the new components one at a time and wanted to do all of the upgrades all at once. I suppose something could be wrong with the display but I have no way of testing it. BTW, I'm using unlocked A14 BIOS. Thanks again, BludBubbles
  6. Hello TechInferno Folks, I got this bad boy running! Woo hoo! Let me explain some of my experiences. I was doing a complete max out M17x R4 upgrade. I got 1 2Tb Firecuda SSHD, 1 2Tb Baracuda HDD, 1 500Gb mSATA SSD, 32GB(4x8) DDR3L HyperX 2133Mhz RAM, GTX 1070, 5 pipe GPU heatsink, i7-3940xm, 3 pipe CPU heatsink, the 120Hz 3D ready display, and a new Blu-Ray burner UJ267. Also, I exchanged the fan blades of the CPU fan with the blades from a M14x R2 fan. Should I do that to the GPU fan too? I have an extra M14x R2 fan if so. I had to jump through a bunch of hoops to get this baby working. I have Windows 10 Education installed on the mSATA drive. At first, I just threw everything in it and turned it on. I got single beep and immediate power loss. I figured out the power loss was because of the new RAM. I tried with all 4 and with just 2 and it exhibited the same power off behavior. It would boot with just 1 8Gb 2133Mhz RAM chip installed. So I sent them back and reinstalled the RAM I already had. The single beep I got was just the beginning of the 8 beeps and power loss before finishing all 8 beeps because of the display. I solved the throttling issue and then it reappeared again, dropping the Firestrike score in half. I'm not sure if it was the culprit or not but everything is running fine after uninstalling an extra Alienware Control Center that I somehow managed to install over top of the existing one. It really pissed me off that I couldn't find out why it was being throttled. I have had some unfixable errors that I would like some help with though. Thank you for reading and thank you in advance for any support anybody offers. 1: The RAM did not work so I'm still using the 16Gb 1600Mhz RAM that I started with(I bought the laptop used). And I'm ordering two more 8Gb 1600Mhz RAM chips to max it out to the 32Gb. I would like to have the 2133Mhz ones working so if anybody knows anything about this, please help a homie out. Is it really a big deal upgrading from 1600Mhz to 2133Mhz? 2: I could not get the 120Hz display working for the life of me. Tried many different things and followed all of the current advise on this topic in this thread. I'm just happy everything is working with the 60Hz display, as I rarely use the built-in display with it and I typically have it connected to a large television through a Displayport/HDMI adapter. I would really like to get the 120Hz one working though because I am planning on using the built-in nVidia 3D Vision 2 with Blu-Ray 3D and video games and it is past the return date. 3: I cannot connect any external drives to the eSATA port. It just is not recognizing anything that is plugged into it. SATA Operation is set to AHCI, so I do not believe that that is what the issue is. It's not really a big deal but I would like to get that port working. 4: There are two unknown devices in Device Manager. I used Driver Genius and it couldn't find those drivers. Any clues on what they could be? Everything seems to be working well though. I just dislike having Unknown Devices. I am going to finish everything off in a few weeks with the RAM upgrade and I'm going to perform a re-paste because I installed the processor and GPU pretty hastily. Also, I'm going to attempt to repair the speakers. I have the speaker rattling issue that many M17x R4 users have experienced. If anybody with knowledge on how to fix the speakers would offer some assistance, it would be greatly appreciated as well. My current Firestrike score is 12700 and hoping to crack 14000 once all is said and done. I attempted to get some help from somebody that has posted on here but he just told me to Google the issue, which is layman's terms for "STFU and stop bothering me". I read through the lines. Any help with these issues would be much appreciated, though. If more information is needed, just ask. Again, I am just happy that it's working with all the current upgrades. This is the most powerful gaming device I've ever owned. After all the costs, I think I spent an approximate total of $2300 on this laptop and upgrades. Getting the above issues resolved is just icing on the cake. The 120Hz display would be awesome to get working though. Thanks again, BludBubbles
  7. Did the heat issue ever get resolved? And, if so, how did you go about doing it? Is it stable?
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