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  1. Does this means the new version of adaptor allows ubuntu system to detect both 755m and egpu without any bios mod too?
  2. @Swung Huang, I am a linux user, mainly using ubuntu based system, can you help me to test under ubuntu 18.04 LTS, with nvidia driver 410 and CUDA 10 installed, can the eGPU still works?
  3. Are you going to sell via taobao? Already on? I just saw an Y510p eGPU adaptor on taobao...
  4. Just to reconfirm, I simply need a basic model to use eGPU on my laptop, any extra sata/thunderbolt support is good but not mandatory for me. Currently I have 2 plans: Move my GTX 1080 TI from desktop to laptop, or buy a new GTX 1650 which claims to run without power supply on any old PC. As long as the new adaptor can fulfill either one plan and can run stable, then it is ok for me. (though the GTX 1650 looks really interesting as a portable laptop upgrade)
  5. This can be a good implementation too, I can imagine plugging in egpu on the top of egpu dock (option 1 from swung huang) while another 2.5'' sata drive at side or bottom of the dock. GTX 1650 may be a good option specifically on Y510p as we dont have to add one more psu to it (TDP 75W), saving more bucks and space on the dock. AND..... There is only 5 more weeks before swung huang is free!!!! Yeah~~~
  6. @Swung Huang, for the second option do you offer multiple sizes/choices of acrylic case where the daughter board is located? Eg. Flex ATX PSU + mini ITX GPU, SFX PSU + mid length GPU (270mm) or for full length GPU (300mm) etc? Your sample images in page 47 is only suitable for mini ITX GPU. Any price estimation?
  7. Guys, which option do you all prefer? 1. i7-4700MQ ([email protected]) + GTX 1080TI via eGPU adaptor or 2. Ryzen 3 2200G ([email protected]) + GTX 1080TI My laptop y510p at idle is already 50+ degree celcius, if the majority of you guys managed to run things cool after CPU OC while using an eGPU adaptor, then it will be a strong encouragement for me to go with the eGPU adaptor (Hopefully shipping fees is not heavy for my country).
  8. I actually want to ask but keep forgetting, while we are using egpu, does y510p cpu temp and ambient temp gets better? How much is your system temp?
  9. Any update on the adaptor?
  10. Congrats Zakyn!! How much did u spend to complete one adaptor? Maybe you can create an acrylic egpu enclosure with power supply like Swung Huang to make things cleaner and prevent dust accumulation.
  11. This is the best news and update for me in 2019, a lot thumbs up for this !!!
  12. Sorry, to make it clear I mean plug in the cables from ePSU to eGPU directly without power pin adaptor. This is because I am planning to use GTX 1080 TI and it needs 8+6 pins, those sample in previous pages only has 8 pins.
  13. Why power pin adaptor is needed? Can we just simply connect the power cable from PSU to eGPU?
  14. The only option now is wait for those who are working on their own trial adaptor to successfully fabricate one, then mass pro for sale. Too many uncertainty, hopefully someone succeed in manufacturing, cant wait to buy one to upgrade my 5 year old laptop.
  15. Hi guys, any update for the new adaptors?
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