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  1. hi klem, all correct now, thanks a lot, i installed 414 creating a msdos booteable pendrive, and now eveything works, have all computer resurrected and working, nice fps on heroes of the storm, and warframe thankkkksssss
  2. which version should i flash¿?
  3. ok, this night i will do it, thanks for help
  4. hi all, i have brought back to life a msi gt 60 which was burnt in the ac power conection in motherboard, i have used a new ms16f31 v 3.1 motherboard, and a msi gtx 765m alienware gpu, the problem i have is when i use fn+bright function, the screen turns off and i must restart pc, because it doesnt wakes the screen. doesnt matter if i use mouse keyboard or power button, the screen doesnt sleep andthe rest of computer works nice, still playing music or whatever. i would apreciate if someone can guide me with this problem, and in case someone needs help to do the same i did with pc i can help.
  5. downloaded and installed, everything working with my new msi gt60 hahahaha resurrected in 2 days working.
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