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  1. Aliexpress sounds really good as you should be able to access cheap and quick express postage services with them: China has negotiated ultra cheap postage with the postage companies. If you go the paypal route, please make sure anonymous credit cards are accepted because I will never get a paypal account.
  2. I just want to clarify, I would appreciate two of these as soon as possible. Happy to also buy the oculink ones as well.
  3. I would design and 3D print cases for long 3 x fan GTX1070 cards after getting the adapter.
  4. I would like this as the stage one funding option.
  5. @SWANG HUANG Maybe do a kickstarter pledge to make sure you have the budget required - I would pay $200 for one and $200 for the second one as I want to buy two with the oculink design. If you can't reach funding target on kickstarter for the oculink version but you can reach a cheaper funding target then you can be sure to have funds to do the cheaper version. Everyone gets the cheaper version if stage one funding target is met or if stage two funding target is met then they get the more expensive version. If you are going to be making both - then the options to pledge include getting the cheaper version for a lower amount pledge.
  6. Confirming that I still want to buy 2
  7. @Zakyn I still want two adapters and am prepared to wait, so please put a coupple aside for me!
  8. @swuang huang I'll buy two when you are ready.
  9. Usually international parcel post is something you can just ask about at your local post office, they should also be able to answer questions about courier services.
  10. Please make and hold onto 2 adapters for me with these. I will buy 2 of them. TE are selling the connectors currently 1 at a time costs $8.61. They have 600 connectors currently left in stock which are selling for $5.32 if you buy as a batch of 500 or more. https://www.te.com/usa-en/product-2199015-1.html#pdp-docs-features the link below shows 1 is the minimum you can buy in a batch of 1 https://www.newark.com/amp-te-connectivity/2199015-1/plug-assy-for-0-635-bay-conn/dp/75AC7373?csp=WT.z_cid=sp_NEWARKELEMENT14_20120425_buyNow&TE_cid=NEWARKELEMENT14-1541644208528&CMP=AFC-TE These are listed as being obsolescent so please get them and make some more adapters.
  11. What do I need to do to be able to view the screenshots in the above posts? I get a message that says the file cannot be viewed by my account. I also can't download from the downloads section either.
  12. Will you be making more? I will buy 2
  13. Gerald I tried to email you last month but email does not seem to be allowed to be delivered to you from my email address. Could you please put an adapter up for sale somewhere so I can buy it.
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