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  1. Hello everyone! So on occasion I host gaming nights over at my house, and usually end up hooking my laptop up to a big TV so me and a couple friends can all play all kinds of multiplayer games (either emulated or off of steam). But I was recently thinking that it would be fun to get a projector set up, so that we could play on a huge blank wall in my living room. With that being said: I'm new to purchasing projectors, so I'm not familiar with what kinds of features/specifications I should be looking for (and I'd like to keep the cost down if it's possible). So I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me on what to look for in features/specifications, affordable places to buy from, or just general info on what I'm trying to do. Any help would be super appreciated!
  2. I've been keeping an eye on the Pimax 8K (mind you I'm way too broke to afford it), but I can't wait to see what the higher resolution headsets actually look like in action. I do think that price point is going to be a huge contributing factor on VR really taking off, everyone I know is psyched about the technology, but very few people I know can afford any of it. I've tried the usual suspects (my brother has a few of the VR headsets) and the experience is really awesome, but I still think the resolution detracts from the overall immersion of the experience (when there's less action taking place in the game, the pixelation is more noticeable). I actually thought the sony VR experience was kind of cool because all I had to do was bring my ps4 to my brother's house and the headset did double duty as a "ginormous TV", so we could both play monster hunter in the same room
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