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  1. Hello everyone! I have a problem with my GPU. When it's overclocked: Core: +332MHz Memory: +350MHz Voltage: 1,5V It crashes often during gaming, especially when I ran 3dmark firestrike. GPU-Z shows under PerfCap reasons: Idle. What causes this issue? Is my power adapter not strong enough? I have a 180W PSU.
  2. Hi everyone, Does anyone know how to make a modded bios with maxwell bio tweaker? My problem is, that I want the basic clocks for my system, but just want to be able to verclock past the 135MHz limit. So I don't want a permanent OC. My specs: Medion Erazer x7841 GTX 970m 3GB Thank's in advance!
  3. Hello, I have a Medion Erazer x7841 gaming laptop. I want to onstall a custom bios to pass the overclocking limit of 135Mhz. Does anyone can halp me with this? Thanks alot for any help-
  4. Hello, I have an Medion Erazer x7841. Does this modded Bios also work for this Laptop?
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