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  1. It does not however right before you mentioned it I realized in my cleaning of drivers and reinstallations I did not reinstall the intel driver. After doing that it works fine now. Thank you
  2. Just enabled the Intel graphics, Still not able to get things to run off the egpu. I do believe this to be a step in the right direction as prior to enabling it I was unable to open Nvidia control panel. Now I have access to the control panel and settings inside for the 1070 that's plugged in.
  3. Y510p, I will try with that on and report back.
  4. Received my adapter Friday. I haven't had much of a chance to set things up until yesterday night and still am working on it. The issue I'm having right now is that I can get windows to recognize the card (1070 ti) and have corrected for the error 43 most Nvidia 10 series cards get but I cannot get this to display on my internal screen. Regardless if I disable all other cards it seems to still use the integrated graphics over the external one. The power supply is brand new EVGA 650 BQ that I really would have doubts on it being the issue. I have tried both 1070 and 1070 Ti MSI Cards with identical results which leads me to believe it isn't my card. When I connect an external display to the GPU it does seem to run that but I cannot get it working with the internal display. My GPU Z results even show the card and its supplying data from the sensors to GPU Z as well. Any ideas on what my issue could be?
  5. Awesome that's good to know. I don't really have much intent to use either with a HDD, i have more than enough with my 1tb and soon to arrive 480gb m2 ssd. It would be more so just as a dummy when I take the laptop away from my desk. As far as moving the GPU and PSU away I get that process fairly well. What I'm more interested in is the ability to have the adapter with the GPU plugged in and moved away, then build an enclosure around that. Similar to what @Swung Huang did with his custom setup however I would just use Gerald's adapter as I don't have any experience with designing PCBs. Essentially is there some cable I can use and run through a modified tray (for aesthetic reasons and to avoid plugging and unplugging geralds adapter vs just a cable)? Basically I would modified the tray to run a cable through to the location of the adapter, GPU and PSU if parts for that exist.
  6. I just wanted to touch on this as I'm brainstorming for what I'd like to get out of a setup if I do this. This was all mentioned a few months back but what I'm thinking of doing to keep the laptop portable would be ordering two ODD trays (As I'm thinking I'll just sell my 755m ultrabay if I do this, so if anyone is interested pm me), one would just as filler for when I take my laptop to school and the other used as a medium to connect geralds adapter in a similar way as @David 'SOAP' Washington did: The only difference being that I would like to have the GPU a little bit away from the laptop. Would this be as simple as running a similar PCIe cable like the one @cajuil just mentioned above through the ODD tray to the location of my adapter? Ideally, I'll create some sort of enclosure to support the adapter, GPU, and PSU and then my setup would be as simple as plugging in my modded tray and connecting the cable to the location of my enclosure. Am I on the right track with my thoughts or am I missing something? Apologies for the long post I'm still trying to make sense of some aspects of this project after reading through all the pages and I'm also not super well versed in this stuff. My assumption is that somewhere within my theoretical setup the connectors won't be compatible and if so what would I need to do in order to make this happen?
  7. Also an owner of a y510p here, I just redid the thermal paste in my system after 5 years. What prompted me to do it was that once the gpu was stressed my system would just shut itself off from getting too hot. It wasn't a very intensive job just find a teardown guide and take your time. The paste I used was artic silver 5 and I definitely noticed an improvement even at idle load in terms of noise and heat from the system, also it fixed my shutdown problem. As mentioned above the stock paste job was really bad, this is something I wish I had done years ago.
  8. Just discovered this thread through the BIOS mod after wanting to upgrade my wireless card. It never even crossed my mind that something like this would be possible and it seems like an excellent solution for this laptop which is slightly hindered in the games I want to play by its graphics card. I have a lot of catching up to do on this. Gerald I have sent you a message regarding getting one of these units, I see as of last month you mentioned you still had some. Hopefully, if I can pick up one of these units I'll start making this a reality. I'm going to spend a ton of time reading through this topic and do some more research but if anybody has tips or suggestions on this it would be greatly appreciated. I'll be looking at doing this with a nVidia card so anything prevalent to that would be appreciated as well.
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