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  1. I found another solution of upgrading of y510p. You can just put all compents into this board https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F133135412851. I would like to do it myself but this sellier does not ship to europe. I think is better solution with more potential.
  2. @Swung Huang Good job! I am happy to see you are going to manufacture adapters for everyone. I will not be able to do that, my adapter works but my motherboard died (not caused by adapter, just one of the mosfets for bios shorted). So even if I can manufacture them I have no way to test it so I decided to buy new PC and leave it all behind. I think I will post all of my desings if anyone is interested.
  3. Can anyone with modded bios send me exact settings from each card in bios menu please? I really dont know how to solve psu power off issue. I tried other power lanes of ultrabay but there is no voltage, maybe they depedns on some other signal. Last thing is to try original bios.
  4. So I did some tests. 1) power off with charger and measure the transistor gate voltage (before the resistor) -> still 3,3V 2) no effect if gpu is inserted or not 3) tryied various bios settings, nothing seems to help 4) if the charger is plugged back in psu wont switch back on I cant find any bios setting which could influence it. Any advice welcome.
  5. As soon as I solve the power issue (PSu stays up after laptot is off- if laptop is on charger), I will make 10 adapters. I hope I order PCB within the one week. Price will be 100 USD plus shipping.
  6. Zakyn_eGPU_v3.pdf not much changes since last version
  7. Adapter still works, my design is on 2 layer PCB. So maybe it enaugh and high impedance 4 layer PCB is not needed. I can make some last mods (I want to make PCIE power traces wider) and order like first 10 PCB at JLCPCB.Right now I have only 5 Ultrabay connectors but if there will be enaugh interest I can order more of them and produce more adapters. There is only one think in my conserns, that is: If I turn laptop off PSU is still up until I unplugg laptop power supply. Do you know about some bios setting which could cause it?
  8. I use the same parts as gerald. If you search deep there are still some shops where it is possible to buy it.
  9. Great news, my version 3 is working stable Now I want to do same case for it. I finished yesterday in the night so I only tested Apex legends for 1 hour. See screenshot. (80-90 FPS stable) Ultra settings (2560x1080). GPU: RX 580 8GB NITRO+
  10. Yes it is possible, someone already posted it before.
  11. Update: I bought RX580 8GB NITRO+ and now it crashed into impedance problem which @High_Voltage warned me before. So next version (hope final) is in the progress :D. RX580 is working fine, but when it is under load (benchmark, game, etc.) FPS drops occurs and game sometimes crashes.
  12. If I count material only I spend something about 50 EUR. Plus lot of work Yes, I agree my next approach is to make some kind of case for it and also I would like to do better version with cable extension to put it somewhere away from laptop.
  13. Hello guys, I have some good news My adapter is finally working Here are some screens and photos. I will add more as soon I get better GPU. GPU-Z output is somehow wrong in some info, but I think it is caused by old GPU.
  14. Sorry. Yes I have checked that already, if signals really goes to right side and pin of connector. Now I will take a look on that GPU. Thank you very much for all of your advices. I will post some update as soon as I find some desktop where I can put my GPU.
  15. I think I have the footprint right, yes its other way than on schematic. But I draw it as it was in datasheet. Ye it came to my mind if it can be bad GPU. My friend told it work but guess I need to test it somewhere. I dont have any desktop at home.
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