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  1. potvinp

    Aspire E5-553G: Decrease Hardware Reserved Memory

    I'll try that and see if it works.
  2. potvinp

    Aspire E5-553G: Decrease Hardware Reserved Memory

    Just tried that, and my laptop still says that 4.1GB of memory is hardware reserved. Any other ideas?
  3. Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to decrease the amount of hardware-reserved memory on my Acer Aspire E5-553G-T87A laptop. My laptop has 8GB of DDR4 memory installed, but for some reason 4.1GB of it is hardware-reserved. See attached images for the specs of my computer. My laptop had 7.66GB of usable RAM for a year after I first bought it, but I had to do a clean install of Windows 10 Pro when it started having problems with the O/S. After I performed the clean install is when I noticed that only 3.9GB were available. I ran Memtest+86 and the RAM did not have any problems/errors. I also went into msconfig and unticked the Maximum Memory box as some people recommended, but that did not fix the problem. The O/S is installed on a 120GB SSD, but I don't see any problems with that. I've re-installed the O/S multiple times, which also didn't fix the problem. I've ran out of ideas as to how to fix this. Any suggestions?
  4. potvinp

    ACER E5-553G, E5-523G Request for AMD-V Unlock

    Hello again Klem, My hard drive failed and would not let me re-install Windows in UEFI boot mode. It would only let me install it in Legacy mode. I now need my BIOS re-modded to allow AMD-V in Legacy boot mode. My laptop is an Acer Aspire E5-553G-T87A. My vars file is below. Thanks again! vars.zip
  5. potvinp

    ACER E5-553G, E5-523G Request for AMD-V Unlock

    Hi Klem, I need AMD-V unlocked for my Acer Aspire E5-553G-T87A laptop. Thanks in advance! vars.zip

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