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  1. Hi, i recently bought N4nd0's software and now all works very well
  2. Hi all, i have the same problem. My setup consists of an exp gdc v8.5c (express card) and an HP 6530b with 3GB of ram. I’m stuck with error 12. I’ve already done DSDT override succesfully: Large memory is appearing in my device manager. However, my egpu (amd 5830) still gets error 12. I also tried to follow some steps : re-plug and play the gpu, stop windows 7’s boot and hot plug the express card, run che code “bcdedit.exe -set PCIEXPRESS FORCEDISABLE" but none of these solutions worked. I also tried to disable all the devices in device manager and connect the express card but i'm still getting error 12. I don't know any other solutions. I even tried to run the notebook with 2GB of ram (1 dimm) but error 12 still persists. Please, could anyone help me? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi my name's Mario. I'm new to egpu world and i'm trying to make a functional setup.
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