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  1. I checked it with cpu-z and its a pm55 motherboard. I think that the cpu is doa.
  2. The usual way through f8 safe mode doesn´t work, I've done it with msconfig. Even in safe mode I can´t format. After press a button and the windows loading files it stuck with a black screen.
  3. Safe mode doesnt work anymore its very strange:s I tried power drain and everything but no result. Dont know what to do anymore:s
  4. Ok thx I´m trying that tomorow. I´m using kingston 2*4gb 1333mhz I still got the originals they are 2*2gb 1333mhz
  5. I checked the temps in safe mode, core 1,2,3 and 4 are 70°c somethimes 60°c strange is if I go to bios and see that the 920xm only recognized 4gb of my 8gb of ram:S I tried also to format the hdd but after the windows loading files I got a light black screen. I can only run safe mode.
  6. yes I updated it to the latest bios A09
  7. hello guys, I got a problem with my 920xm cpu if I want to install it I can´t get further than the windows logo. With my old cpu i3 330m everything works fine. I bought my cpu from laptopmonkey on ebay its a 920xm QS. I hope somebody can help me my current m15x specs: °Intel i3-330m °8gb 1333mhz Kingston °WD Black 320gb HDD °Nvidia GT240m 1gb DDR3 Grtz
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