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  1. Ok.. This is exactly what I didnt want to hear.. This is end of my searching of solutions about nvidia.. It is sad that they put this great graphic card which you cant use on 100%.. Optimus is just wasting of technologies... Thank you so much for explain..
  2. This was the thing I did and got black screen.. Here is written that y580 uses optimus technology, so nvidia is behind intel graphic, all display connections are linked to the intel graphic.. But I hope there is something how to bypass this issue.. If it is possible some extra modification of bios.. maybe some modification of vbios of intel graphic..
  3. Once I tried to disable intel graphic in bios and got just black screen.. I have vnc server installed so I could reflash bios by another pc to take screen back, I'm not afraid to change something about it, but I dont know what.. If you give me something I can try it..
  4. will be possible to change something in bios so to have nvidia as main graphic? to have full options for nvidia..?
  5. If I understand, there is no possibility to use some nvidia optimisations like NVidia Surround (Optimise : How To Setup NVIDIA Surround on GeForce 600 Series GPUs | GeForce).. Am I right? Thanks!
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