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  1. I pay in €, so you have to use that as indicator: 100€ for the adaptor, 60€ for the pci extender, 40€ for the used power supply and 150€ for the gfx card. Total about 350€. Depends on how much you spend, for the gfx card, but you are always in the 100 for the adaptor. Better than spending 1000€ for a new laptop, especially since i have now performance on par with a 1070 max q.
  2. When connecting graphics cards make sure you use two different power cables for connection when your gpu has two sockets. Not every psu is built the same, so even if a company prints 1200watts on the box, there might be scum inside. Always look for tests online or take the silver/gold/platinum ranking as a hint. I am working with a, be quiet bronze modular (got it cheap off craigslist), no problems here. Had an antec gold non-modular before, was too noisy and the cables were ennervating. But worked well!
  3. Hmm never heard of Signal degradation. But why are you using the Laptops VGA output anyway? All the outputs are hardwired to the internal resources, if you want to connect multiple displays with your ultrabay adaptor correctly make sure all the connections go into your external gpu. If someone is looking for an extender prepare to use your right to return, because length and build quality determine wether your card will work well or not. A 1080 should work fine with pcie 3.0 8x, a TI might begin to loose a bit performance, but that effect might be negligible most of the time and only relevant in some scenarios which need faster pcie speed. In my case with the gtx 980 which is quite equivalent to a 1060, I do not loose any performance whatsoever, the only factor in determining gaming speed here is the -compared to desktop setup framerates- slower CPU. I run at 2.4 ghz most of the games (its a 4900 MQ for 8 MB of cache inside) and its stays below 80. With 2.8 ghz (which is stock speed/throttle target) it rallies at 80 and without changing anything about airflow i can manage to keep 3 ghz without throttling (happens when the cpu hits 90). Any more speed would need an upgrade of the cooling solution, 3.2 ghz might be manageable with certain games but not all.
  4. Guys it's me again! I had success using the famous 3M Extender, what quality! I took the short version because of the thermaltake adapter failing on me, fearing that an even greater length may not work out at all regardless of build quality and shielding. Here is a picture of my current setup, I will build a cage for the power supply with the graphics card on top to make things more official.
  5. Guys I wanted to thank you all for the work you put in the adaptor- it works like a charm with my y510p- I got the internal screen working with the modded BIOS, version 3 of the adaptor and a wonderful GTX980 :-) Thank you! A last question remains for me: Do you have any clue if i can use a pci express extender cable to put the hot gtx a few inches away from the laptop? I tried it once with a cheap cable from thermaltec, but that didn't work out. Do you guys have any experience with these extenders? Or is geralds adaptor wired in sone way that an extender wouldn't work in the first place?
  6. Guys I read along and decided to try this out myself. Just bought a 510p joined the doodle and processed the PayPal-payment. I also want to try the adaptor out with a Vega 56 or 580 card. Am curious about the Results! If anyone has some experience with the vega cards, I would be glad to hear about them here! Cheers, Marvin
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