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  1. adamistr0

    External MXM port?

    Alienware has "Graphic amplifier", which is even better than Thunderbolt 3, for less money.
  2. Have you solved it anyhow? I have exactly the same config.
  3. Hello, I have this Precision M4800 and num lock LED is always on. When I turn num lock off, LED only dim a little. I thought it was backlight from other LEDs in there, but when I removed the keyboard bezel I can see it is on all the time. Has anyone seen this?BIOS is the newest A19
  4. adamistr0

    IBM ThinkPad 380XD

    Maybe, I found this http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/ it should run on i486. But best for me would be that W98. I really like that feeling it has. Only if I had those drivers... btw don't quote prev. post
  5. adamistr0

    IBM ThinkPad 380XD

    I know that site, I have many drivers from there, but nothing useful to this problem. Is there any chance, that some Linux would have these drivers? When I tried Ubuntu on my laptop few weeks ago, it already had all the drivers. Of course I won't install newest Ubuntu on this . Even Lubuntu wants Pentium II or higher and 256 MB of RAM
  6. adamistr0

    IBM ThinkPad 380XD

    Yeah almost 20 years old and still working. I have downloaded nusb33.exe which should be driver for USB, but I don't have any CD right now actually I ment driver for that ethernet card. It install some Intel driver, but then it doesn't work. I have tried all drivers that were on 98 CD but nothing. I have XPs on my T40. Maybe I could share the internet over IR?
  7. adamistr0

    IBM ThinkPad 380XD

    Hello. I got this machine in very bad shape and I wanted to restore it. I installed Win 98 SE on it, but it has no drivers for USB devices and my Cardbus ethernet card is not working. I tried looking for drivers, but found nothing. Were there some universal drivers on 98? Or should I install some linux? And which one would be best for this beast? It has Pentium (1) 266MHz, 32MB of RAM (another 64MB on the way) and 4GB HDD (SD to IDE also on the way). Thanks

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