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  1. Dunno, Shadow of the tomb raider? that one seems CPU heavy in most benchs, specially the scenes with a lot of npcs running around
  2. Since the 4700mq on this thing is borderline obsolete would connecting say a RX580 through a mPCIe adapter using the slot from the wifi card really be a bottleneck? or at this point the CPU itself would be the bottleneck even if I had an ultrabay-PCIe adapter?
  3. Anyone tried that? whats the most powerful GPU you can use that wont be bottlenecked by the x1 connection and the 4700MQ?
  4. I wonder if a 4700mq plus a 5700 would be able to play stormlands on an oculus
  5. So I downloaded it, then running ideafan.exe as admin..........and nothing happens, what am I doing wrong? or it only goes all the way when temps go up? Edit: nvm found the issue
  6. Would I need cables? or it could fit below the board?
  7. Would it be possible to connect a 3.5 HDD instead of the 2.5 and power it off the same PSU that will power the GPU?
  8. Have any new units shipped yet?
  9. Let me get this straight: you can use AMD cards with stock BIOS but you need an external monitor? and you can use the internal monitor with an nVidia eGPU but then you have to mod the BIOS? BTW got prices for the 3D printed version? I rather have space for a 3.5 drive since those are faster, bigger and since I need a PSU for the graphics card I can power a 3.5 HDD too. Could be a slot on the other side of the GPU instead of under it.
  10. New ones are soldered? that sucks, they really want to make laptops disposable, its insane. I did look for used laptops but it would be at least twice the price of just the chip from a recycling company. Dunno if I can sell a laptop without CPU for the difference. The 4700hq on my Y510p also has 6M of cache, dont really see the point, it scores about 718 more on pcmark but the 4910 is the real upgrade at 1,607 points more.
  11. Alright, so the PCB+acrylic is the most expensive right? BTW that case looks cool but wont the HDD take bandwidth from the PCIe port?
  12. Got the Y510p and afaik the 4910mq is as high as I can upgrade to, but I can't find any for less than $150, why is it that expensive when its a 6yo part? Already tried ebay and AE, any ideas? BTW tried looking for a 4800mq, should I get that and OC'd it to 2.9ghz to match the 4910? can the stock heatsink handle it?
  13. I sent an email to the gmail address you posted before, BTW are you going to include the acrylic parts with the PCB versions? if shipping is too expensive I could do my own though I would need the CNC layout
  14. Oh man that sucks, thanks anyway BTW are there any workarounds on the ultrabay to having to buy an ultrabay socket part? can I make like a PCB that slots in like a card then solder the cables to it?
  15. I too want to know, that doesnt needs the ultrabay socket part right? I can't find that one anywhere BTW probably a dumb question but what is the bandwidth difference between M.2 and ultrabay? I heard that people using M.2 eGPU adapters see a loss of <10% compared to PCIe x16 which TBH is something I can live with
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