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    error 43 on GTX 960

    Ok, I will try. Hope it works.
  2. ErAndrej

    error 43 on GTX 960

    Hello everyone! After unsuccessfully trying to set up gtx 1050, I decided to take a break. Now I want to set up gtx 960 instead. I am struggling to get my eGPU working since september 2017. I have read almost every topic about error 43 on this and other forums, but nothing helped me. So my problem is, that I get error 43 in device manager for gtx 960. I am using newest nvidia driver (390.77). Graphic card is normally detected in device manager, but fans do not spin (as I know gtx 960 cards activate them when card is hot enough). Specifications: -laptop: asus x75vc-cpu: intel i5 3230m-eGPU: zotac geforce GTX 960 (2gb gddr5)-PSU: DELL DA-2 -EXP GDC 8.4d; mPCIE -6pin to 6pin cable I have already tried to: -install 370.72 driver -set ATX power switch to ON -set delay to 7s -disable my dGPU (gt 720m) before installing driver -disable my dGPU after installing driver -different combinations of atx power and delay switch positions -clean install windows 10 (windows is installed on UEFI) I could also try to: -force gen1 speed using setup 1.35 -change exp gdc or 6pin to 6pin cable What do you think, could setup 1.35 help there? If anybody has any idea what could I do, please let me know. Your help would be really appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Tonight I modded nvidia drivers and GTX 1050 now works with external monitor and with latest driver installed! But there is another problem: my pc freezes (crashes) after couple of minutes and only force shutdown helps there. Do you have any idea, what could be wrong? UPDATE: I have found a sollution. Disabling dGPU (gt 720m) fixed the problem and gtx 1050 now works without problems. Game performance is awesome, also on max settings. I tested rocket league, world of tank and, supraball. I get 60 fps even when game is maxed out. Again, thank you for all your help!
  4. Ok, but what does this program actually do? I have heard about setup 1.35 many times, but I still do not know, how does it work. Now I have chance to get gtx 750ti for free, because one of my friends will give it to me. Maybe I will try this first and if it does not work, I will buy diy setup 1.35. When I was reading forums, I found out, that people usually do not use 1050 for eGPU. It only makes problems. I will let you know, how does it work, when I get gtx 750ti. Thank you very much for your help!
  5. Hello! Now I tried to enable gt720m. External screen now works, but it is black. There is only mouse pointer shown on it. If I press WIN + P again, my PC freezes. Really do not know, what is the problem there. Maybe I should try with another GPU?
  6. There is no error code. Device manager says, that device is working properly. Egpu is detected. I will post an image of device manager as soon as I can.
  7. Hello! Thank you for your answer, but in my case that happens. I also do not know, how is this possible. When I press WIN +P and select second dosplay only, nothing happens. There is a text on external display, telling me, that there is no signal with PC. Also my PC can not find any other display connected, only laptops built in display.
  8. Hello everyone! I had problem with error 43 with external gpu (gtx 1050). I am using EXP GDC with mini pcie to plug gpu into laptop. So, my problem was, that all nvidia drivers gave me error 43. Than I installed driver version 372.70 over latest driver and error 43 disappeared. Gtx 1050 was working properly. Nvidia control panel detected it and i pluged in external monitor via HDMI on eGPU. There was no signal with monitor. When i ran a game, i noticed, that is it running on hd 4000 and not on my eGPU (I set control panel to use high performance nvidia gpu). I think, that problem is in driver, because version 372.70 is not compatibile with gtx 1050. So, what can I do? Should I buy new gpu (gtx 750ti) or mod nvidia drivers? Would changing bios settings help me? I think, these are the only sollutions for my problem. I will be realy happy, if someone helps me to solve this problem.

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