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  1. Here is the vbios for the clevo gtx 680m 4gb i found https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/131179/Clevo.GTX680M.4096.120507.rom
  2. I had this problem playing a game, only time it has happened. Its the gpu over heating. Try new themal paste and clean ur fans out... or just turn down the graphics in-game.
  3. wazza

    Clevo p170hm3 bios

    Hi thanks for the help. I recently updated to that stock bios still freezes. Things ive found out for anyone else wondering about upgrading. Correct me if im wrong. Freezes on splash screen when new graphics card installed, with and without drivers install. P170hm3 has no integrated gpu. Lack of bios support from clevo. Currently wondering if its my bios or vbios is the problem? Worst comes to worst are there any laptop barebones i could put my components into to allow for the 780m?
  4. wazza

    Clevo p170hm3 bios

  5. wazza

    Clevo p170hm3 bios

    Hi wondering if anyone can help! Pulling my hair out trying to find a new bios for my clevo p170hm3 laptop, was wanting to upgrade the bios to allow for a GPU upgrade from gtx 580m to a 780m with 3d screen. Was reading about the prema mod bios but cant even find them to download. please help I'm a noob XD
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