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  1. Thanks so much for the reply and instructions, blowntaha! I followed the steps, saw the pictures, and still nothing. The fact that the computer was not going into windows is a good indicator that it is completely bricked. I just wish it was as easy to reset the bios in a notebook as it is with a jumper switch in desktops. I'm sending it in to lenovo, i guess theres nothing more i can do about it
  2. Thanks for this mod, svl7! Its so painful to see a bios with so few settings. I tried to change some video settings for benchmarking and things were fine before changing the primary display to pci. I wish i had read the entire post before doing that, because now i know that the output is always throught hd4000. So, i have no visuals now. am i still able to enter the bios and change it blindly? The computer doesnt seem to be starting all the way o windows, It lights up and has keyboard light control, but i hear no hdd activity apart from the initial spin up, so i'm assuming its stopped at a system error? I'm also wondering what are the easiest ways to reset the bios. I read about 30s power button hold with no ac and no batt but its missinfo, doesnt work. I've also tried cmos battery removal but it is glued to very delicate metal plates so that doesnt seem to be an option. I read about some usb drive method, how does that work? Has anyone tried this on this model with the modded bios? I'm afraid i'll have to take my y580 to a lenovo repair center, and that may take a while, so if you know of any ways i could revert the bios on my own would be really helpful
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