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  1. I have a p17sm-a bios and wondered if your current ones bios's worked with it or if you were planning on making one, im trying to get a gtx 1070 epgu working but cant change from my gtx870m thats currently in it...
  2. So i managed to get an ichil gtx 1070 pretty cheap off a friend and decided to try to upgrade my laptop, its a clevo p17sm-a, has a gtx 870m in it at the moment which does quite well, but just isnt good enough so i decided it was time for an egpu. Today i went and bought a mini pci-e expresscard similar to this one: https://www.banggood.com/Mini-PCI-E-Version-V8_0-EXP-GDC-Beast-Laptop-External-Independent-Video-Card-Dock-p-1011222.html. i also got an ace atx 850w power supply. my wireless card has been broke for a while so decided that was a good as any slot to use, got it wired in and the cables up to the mini pci-e card from the power supply, and when i plugged it into my laptop, with my laptop already on, the screen went black, fans powered up on the gpu and processor then the screen came back on, its now sat next to me wizzing away, i dont have the power socket on the back of the gpu connected up though, so i dont know if the gpu even has power or just the fans. now i dont know where to go from here, havent really found anything where someones done anything similar online with a p17sm-a or with a 1070 and the particular mini pci-e expresscard. i would really appreciate it if someone helped with this.

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