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  1. guredo

    [M11x R3] - BIOS A05 *unlocked*

    At least i donwnoaded and flashed this modofied bios! I have 2 questions - is there any profit in maxing the bclk frequency? by default it 9980, which settings u use? I have 2 ram digits, one is Samsung 10700 667mhz 9-9-9-24 and second is Hyundai 10700 667 mhz 9-9-9-24, which setting do you use to get 1600 mhz?
  2. guredo

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Unguided - Phoenix down zardonic remix
  3. are there any drivers for dell alienvare m11x r3 with gt540m?
  4. guredo

    Archeage optimization

    Hello. Does anyone know how to push archeage in even more lov settings then game allows? i mean turn off shaders or switch textures to very low res? I have an Intel integrated graphics and my fps is bad
  5. guredo

    [GUIDE] NVIDIA VBIOS flashing

    Hi there, does anyone have bios for GTX 970 from MSI gaming? I mean overclocked bios, i have troubles with mine, cant go more then 1450mhz on core with 1.241v, in msi AB. Games may crush and "device has been removed". I have 71% asic
  6. guredo

    [M11x R3] - BIOS A05 *unlocked*

    how could i download it??? i dont want to waste weeks and wait until promotion!

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